Covid Policy

As the Covid-19 contagion represents an invisible and existential infection which can be passed on to and be deadly to anyone, we can protect society by protecting ourselves. As a business we must now find the most effective ways of working in safety together for our colleagues within communal office and workplace environments and new working practices employed to protect each other from infection. Continual diligence will be required in respect of our hygiene practices, whilst 2 metre personal space will be respected and maintained wherever possible to protect our fellow workers, our customers, and all our loved ones at home.

To do this, we have created a Covid-19 best practice procedure to make employees aware of how to best protect both themselves and their fellow workers by ensuring a safe and hygienic a workplace environment, whilst still providing essential services to the public and industry, These procedures include:

General Hygiene 

Hand sanitisers are available at various stations throughout our site and are recommended to be used regularly when hands are already clean and handwashing is not possible. Furthermore we have installed main door access sanitation and hand spray points on site as well as posters displaying reminders.

Daily sanitising of communal areas and equipment

We have daily checklists in place to clean communal areas and equipment, In addition our housekeeper has additional checklists to sanitise all communal areas 3 times a week. Special anti-viral cleaning products are used and every employee also has a designated work station to reduce cross contamination.


All visitors are required to wear a mask when entering our office building and masks are worn by all staff.

Air Filtering

It is now believed that the main concern regarding transmission of the virus is the aerosol effect, as such to protect our employees offices are now equipped with HEPA filters, these filters are also placed throughout our site in enclosed or restricted spaces.

Working from home

We have carried out DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments to ensure all home working staff have adequate chairs, desks and equipment and regular contact is maintained for staff members who are working from home.

Employees mental health

As well as keeping regular contact with those working from home and having an open door policy for any employees with concerns, we have provided our staff with access to an Employee Assistance Programme through our insurance partner, this offers our employees support and help with every day issues like stress, family concerns, relationships, illness, retirement and personal crises.