Himalayan Salt Brick

Mined from the vast and ancient Himalayan mountains, these salt bricks are one of the purest forms of salt available. They can be used for building walls to dry age meat as well as Interior design, Salt therapies, Spa’s and Sauna’s.

Due to the low moisture retention and porosity of the salt bricks, they can also help to create a more naturally anti microbial environment.

Himalayan pink salt also contains over 80 trace minerals to help create a much more complex flavor if serving food on this salt brick.

Benefits include:

    • ✓ Can be used to build salt chambers to enhance the process of dry ageing meat
    • ✓ Can be used for building walls for Interior design, Salt Therapy, Spa and Sauna’s
    • ✓ Can also be used as a serving plate for hot or cold food

Pallet Specification: Standard pallet size is 432 units per pallet. Each Himalayan Salt Brick is 8x4x2 Inches .Each brick is plastic shrink wrapped.

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