PDV Water Softening Tablets

Conforming to British Standards, Our very pure refined salt tablet which has been developed specifically for the treatment of water. Our salt tablets are widely used in the food manufacturing industry and have been formulated to dissolve efficiently which leaves less storage tank residue, resulting in less maintenance.

  • ✓ For Industrial & Domestic Water Softening Systems
  • ✓ Conforms to BS EN 14805:2008
  • ✓ Conforms to BS EN 973:2009

Since our salt tablets contain very little insoluble matter, they are ideal for homes, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, large factories and applications such as reverse osmosis. The use of a high purity salt will increase the efficiency of industrial cleaning units and boilers and will reduce detergent and chemical use in laundries.

Pallet Specification: Standard pallet size is 49x25kg bags per pallet. Where a forklift is not available on site, Pallet specification will be 40x25kg bags per pallet.

Product Code: AQT25-49

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