Sorbacal SP Bulk Tanker

Sorbacal SP is a specialised, large surface area Bulk Lime for the treatment of flue gases with excellent pollutant removal capabilities.

Waste incineration and many other industrial processes generate flue gases. These often contain pollutants such as sulfur oxides (SO2 + SO3), hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrofluoric acid (HF) as well as heavy metals, dioxins and furans. Lime, hydrated lime and limestone-based products are highly efficient reagents for capturing contaminants. When mixed with other components, they also remove so-called micro-pollutants.

    • ✓ Flue Gas Treatment
    • ✓ High Surface Area
    • ✓ Excellent Pollutant Removal Capabilities

Product Code: SORBT-DS

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